The EOS Committee created a technology unit within the Secretariat in 2019. The unit currently consists of six IT experts.

The Committee has requested further resources from the Storting in order to expand the unit, so that the Secretariat may keep up with the technological advancements at the intelligence and security services.

Our technology experts aim to support the EOS Committee in the preparations for inspections as well as during the inspections themselves. The unit will also contribute to the follow-up from inspections, and keep the Committee and the Secretariat up to date on the latest technological developments.

The unit has an important role in developing a more efficient oversight, through the technical insight and support as well as the use of automation and other modern tools. This role is especially prominent in the oversight of IT heavyweights PST, the NIS and NSM NorCERT.

A further goal for the technology unit is to map and document the systems at the different services.