EOS Committee

The Norwegian Parliamentary Intelligence Oversight Committee

The EOS Committee is responsible for external and independent control of the Norwegian secret services - the EOS services. The Committee's primary task is to make sure that the EOS services keep their activities within the legislative framework applicable to them and must further clarify whether any, and ensure that no, individual is subjected to unjust treatment and ensure that the EOS services do not make use of more intrusive methods than necessary under the circumstances.

About the EOS Committee

The EOS Committee is an oversight body appointed by the Norwegian Parliament and has seven members and a permanent secretariat.

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Area of oversight

The EOS Committe is responsible for overseeing intelligence, surveillance, and security service carried out by, or on behalf of, public authorities in order to safeguard national security interests.

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The EOS services

  • Norwegian Intelligence Service (NIS)
  • The Norwegian Police Security Service (PST)
  • The Norwegian National Security Authority (NSM)
  • The Norwegian Defence Security Department (FSA)

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Processing complaints

Any individual who feels he has been subjected to unjust treatment by any of the EOS services may lodge a complaint with the EOS Committee. The Committee will investigate all complaints that fall under its area of oversight.