Area of oversight

The EOS Committee is responsible for external and independent control of the Norwegian secret services - the EOS services

Who are we?

The Committee has seven members, including the Chair and the Deputy Chair, who is elected by the Storting.

The EOS services

The Committee is responsible for continuous oversight of the Norwegian Intelligence Service (NIS), the Norwegian Police Security Service (PST), the Norwegian National Security Authority (NSM), and the Norwegian Defence Security Department (FSA), collectively known as the "EOS services".

Legal framework

The Committee's oversight of the services is primarily legally oriented, with a particular emphasis on matters that concern the protection of civil liberties and due process of law for private individuals.


The EOS Committee was established by the Storting in 1996. The establishment was motivated by the extensive public attention and political debate concerning the secret services and their operation.

International cooperation

We need contact with foreign oversight colleagues in order to share experience and receive input that could help us to improve our oversight